6 Ways To Fix The Nintendo Switch in 2017

Is the Nintendo Switch dead on arrival? The Nintendo Switch is set to launch on March 3rd with a fairly hefty ten games at launch. Which of those games will not be on already existing gaming platforms? Super Bomberman R and 1-2 Switch. The Switch’s big launch release is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it is a cross platform game with their already existing Wii U. So just why the hell would you even consider buying a Nintendo Switch? Well if you are like me you aren’t considering buying one. On March 3rd I won’t own a Nintendo Switch and I won’t feel bad about it. I love you Nintendo, but here are 6 ways to fix the Nintendo Switch in 2017.


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  • Stop talking about the Joycon Controllers

The Nintendo Switch is not the Wii. So stop treating it as such. I like control options as much as the next person, especially in regards to future virtual console content, but you don’t need to spend half your presentation harping on how fun it’ll be to flail your arms toward your TVs again. HD Rumble isn’t cool either. Well…maybe a little. But it’s not a driving force for me buying a Switch anytime soon.


Via flickr – Danny Choo
  • Announce Metroid Prime for the Nintendo Switch

I’m not even asking you to release the game this year. Metroid doesn’t even need to come out in 2018. I’m asking Nintendo to show it cares about one of it’s most beloved core franchises. I’m not even the biggest Metroid Prime fan, but even I will jump for joy to see Samus back in action. It’s about Nintendo showing they are serious about bringing big games to the Switch.


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  • Don’t make us pay for Nintendo Network

Sony and Microsoft have made us pay for their online Networks for a while now. Nintendo plans to follow suite. This is not the issue. Nintendo plans on making their online services run through a smart phone app. You will be required to use voice chat through your smartphone. It’s already looking to be extremely annoying. I will give it shot though because I like new…oh wait…$26 a year? No thanks, I’ll just pass.


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  • Keep up with the Third Parties

When the Wii U originally came out we had a ton of ports. Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Mass Effect 3 were big third party titles to bring over at launch. After that initial wave you would be hard pressed to find another big third party release on the console. The Switch appears to have a ton third parties making games for it, but will they exist after 2017? I’m not really knocking you for this yet Nintendo, but you have a track record. Don’t screw it up this time.


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  • Release Nintendo Switch Battery Plus

So we’ve already heard the Switch when undocked only lasts between 2-5 hours. Which if you know anything about Nintendo’s battery estimates it means it’ll only last 2 hours. Phones release secondary models with bigger batteries and I wait for them every single time. I want to take my Switch with my on plane rides, but I can’t do that without supporting battery life. Give me more battery!


Via Wikipedia Commons
  • Give me a Mother Collection!

Maybe this is more of a personal request. Earthbound (Mother 2) was a complete failure financially in the United States when it originally released on Super Nintendo. However, recently Earthbound released on Nintendo’s Virtual Console online market. Leading many to start craving their favorite little niche series to be released in a more complete format. Now Mother 1 has been released on Virtual Console as well. The only one we are missing is Mother 3. Nintendo, I beg you. Release all three games on the Nintendo Switch. I will buy a Nintendo Switch the day you do it. No questions asked!

That was our top 6 ways to fix the Nintendo Switch in 2017!Are you buying a Nintendo Switch at launch? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook below and let us know what you think? Want to see our reactions to the Nintendo Switch Presentation? Check that below as well.



Nintendo Switch Live Reactions

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