Top 6 Under Rated Games

You weren’t able to get a Nintendo Switch, either? Whether you did so out of choice or by them being sold out, it’s still a bit sad to watch everyone else play with their new consoles. Don’t be sad though, because there are a ton of under rated games I’m sure you missed over the years. Today, I give you my top 6 under rated games you could be playing instead of thinking about the Nintendo Switch.


Via Wikipedia Commons
  • Crimson Skies

The original Xbox was an interesting console wasn’t it. A big bulky black box most referred to as the “Halo and KOTOR Box.” While I understand that sentiment, people are really missing a ton of great games. Insert Crimson Skies. It’s a game about flying planes, to put it simply. This isn’t our father’s Flight Sim though. This is a wacky adventure with lots of great characters, boss fights, and worlds to explore. It stands as one of, if not the, best Xbox exclusive in my mind.


Via Flckr – Shawn S
  • Retro Game Challenge

A compilation of games? I can hear you scoffing already. Stick with me here though. Retro Game Challenge is only a perceived compilation of games. In fact, it is a sum of it’s parts. All games are strung together by this overarching narrative of you being a kid and waiting for games to come out. So in the beginning you have one game to play. Then you get some gaming magazines and see upcoming releases. Then they actually come out and you get to play them. THEY HAVE CHEAT CODES TOO! It’s really just a nostalgia romp without having played any of these games before.


Via Flickr – BagoGames
  • Mega Man Legends

The jump from 2D to 3D was deadly for most gaming franchises. Castlevania, Street Fighter, Contra and more really suffered in the later 90s when they couldn’t compete. Mega Man didn’t have the smoothest transition either, but it somehow still developed an amazing game. Mega Man Legends features a incredible story with awesome characters and a pretty nifty world to explore. The game did Z-Targeting before 3D Zelda even came out. The controls take some getting used to, but once you grasp everything the game is incredible.


Via Wikipedia Commons
  • Back to the Future: The Game

Telltale has made a name for themselves with their interactive adventures based on The Walking Dead, Borderlands, Batman and more. I think people forget that they started amazing as well. Back to the Future stands proudly, and maybe a bit above, the rest of their output. It starts off as an okay story, but turns into an incredible one with just enough puzzles to keep you engaged. They really play with the overlapping timelines concept a lot too, which I adore.


Via Flickr – Bull3t Hughs
  • Crackdown

Crackdown. That one game that had the Halo 3 multiplayer beta with it. It’s a GTA-clone where you play as a super human cop that can jump football fields and kick people the same distance. Crackdown is a humble game. There are three islands each with a few sub bosses and one main boss. Reaching them is quite difficult and involved scaling massive buildings and fighting off hordes of goons. You can fight them in any order you would like as well. It’s just flat out fun to play.


Via Flickr – methodshop .com
  • MTV’s Beavis and Butthead (Genesis)

A licensed game based on an early 90s TV show? I’m just as shocked as you. Beavis and Butthead is an adventure game. You pick up items and use them with other items accomplish various goals. The ultimate goal being to see a GWAR concert. Mix in a few mini games here and there and you have an incredibly fun game.

So look, there is a few games to play until you can get your hands on the Nintendo Switch. Most of these games can be found for very cheap (or you can find their roms for some of them if you are a dirty pirate). Each one gives you a little something different.

Know some good under rated games? Let us know in the comments.

Have you checked us out on Youtube? We play a ton of under rated games like Shadowrun and To the Moon. As well as a slew of indie games, horror games, and chill games.

Featured image via Flickr – BagoGames

7 thoughts on “Top 6 Under Rated Games

  1. Very well put together, I have, or had a couple of these games. I think your blog has been coming along nicely. Since I am still new to social media, I don’t really have a good basis for things, but yours is fun, purposeful, and professional. Keep up the awesome work! You’ve done a great job at citing things so far as I can tell as well.


    1. Thanks dude! I’ve just been learning a lot of things myself. Just got a Twitter and Instagram a few months ago.

      This blog post was kind of thrown together and I feel like I maybe could have described the games better, but at least it’s an insight into some things to look at.

      The hardest part is finding “legal” images without just pulling my own games out and taking a picture of them.

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  2. Crimson Skies was a favorite of mine. I used to play it all the time back at an old friend’s house, and beat the game twice at his place. There was actually a newer game made by some of the dudes that made Crimson Skies, it’s called Dark Void. It’s a zany super-science-y adventure involving the Bermuda Triangle, Jetpacks, Lizard Men, and Nikola Tesla. Check it out if you haven’t already.

    Another game on your list that I’ve got some experience with is Crackdown. That game really was underrated for what it was. It was just simple over-the-top fun that never really got old for me. I’m glad to see you picked it for your list.

    I really liked reading your post, it’s nice to see other people out there that dig older games that don’t come up in conversation much these days.


    1. I remember Dark Void! Never played it, but I remember an old magazine (I collect gaming magazines. hundreds of them) it was announced as the first “next-gen” game for PS3/360. i had no idea it was made by the Crimson Skies people. That’s awesome. I have to check it out now.

      Yeah, Crackdown is pretty fun. Just simple to get into and addicting to jump around and collect those little orbs.

      I play a lot of everything. Old games. New games. Anything in between. I just finished Resident Evil Remake (HD Version). I am playing Gravity Rush 2 whenever I have time. We just finished Shadowrun and Sweet Home. Lots of good stuff.

      Thanks for commenting. Check out our youtube channel. Since Shadowrun and RE are beaten we’ll need some recommendations and it sounds like you know what’s up.


  3. Super interesting post and gotta give these games a try. During my middle school years I relied heavily on the typical shooter games, now I moved on to a lot more indie games and should really look into classic games. Thanks for the info!


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