Wrestlemania 33 Predictions


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Wrestlemania. The showcase of the immortals. The grand daddy of them all. The world series of wrestling. On April 2, 2017 Wrestlemania will take place for the 33rd time since it’s inception. I know this blog is mostly based around gaming, but golly gee we all just love wrestling so much.  As any good wrestling fan, we have a few predictions we’d like to share with you all. Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments. We can fight about it.


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Let’s start off with the Pre-Show. At the moment the current Pre-Show is expected to run two hours and feature two matches. One is the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The other is the Cruiserweight title match between Neville and Austin Aries. The Battle Royal we expect to be the usual fare with nothing spectacular. Before today I would have told you Braun Strowman was the clear cut winner. However, as of this morning Big Show announced that this would be his “last Wrestlemania” which leads me to believe he’s picking up his second victory. The Cruiserweight title match is clearly going to Aries. He’s been injured for a long time and now is his time to shine. With the appropriate amount of time this match could blow everything else on the card out of the water.


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Once the main show starts I’m not sure what will take place. An easy guess for me in to start with the exciting RAW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defending against Enzo & Cass and Sheamus & Cesaro. I want to say WWE will finally put the titles on Enzo and Cass, however my better judgment tells me the champions retain.

After this it’s a toss up, so I’ll say the Smackdown Women’s Championship match happens. Until recently this match was on the pre-show and I expected Alexa Bliss to retain. However, last Smackdown revealed Naomi would be returning from injury to compete and the match was bumped up to the main card. Without a doubt Naomi walks out the champion on Sunday.

Then we have the Intercontinental Championship match between Ambrose and Corbin. Corbin has been impressing me more and more lately and I expect this to be a really good match. Ambrose seems to be WWE’s whipping boy lately though so I give the win to Corbin.


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Kevin Owens, I feel, gets a bad rap. I enjoyed his WWE Championship run. I thought the chemistry between him and Jericho was fantastic. However, all good things come to and end. The United States Championship match between the two should be good. I expect more of a brawl than a wrestling match given the story line though. Kevin Owens wins and continues his reign of terror.

The RAW Women’s Championship match will hopefully be a great match. Bayley defends against Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte in a Fatal Four Way elimination match. Sasha goes down first. Charlotte falls second. Nia Jax wins the title. It’s clear they like her so I fully expect her to win. Will be especially interesting if Asuka is finally called up.

Seth Rollins fights through a knee injury and pneumonia to take on Triple H in a Non-Sanctioned fight. What is a Non-Sanctioned fight? I’m pretty sure it’s just fancy for “No Holds Barred.” Triple H wins. Rollins winning makes sense, but Trips doesn’t surprise me anymore these days.


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Cena wins. No surprise him and Nikki crush Miz and Maryse. Miz really doesn’t deserve it, but I full expect the complete and utter destruction of The Miz. Also yes, Cena will propose to Nikki at Wrestlemania. Calling it now.


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“It’s your yard now Big Dawg.” It hurts, but expect to hear that line either on Sunday or on the RAW after. Roman Reigns is going to defeat The Undertaker. Roman has enough torches now to light the world when the sun dies out. It’s not enough though. Sadly, Undertaker will take the fall to give him one more.

Shane McMahon is taking on AJ Styles for some reason. Not even in a street fight. Just a normal match. I usually have faith in Shane, but unless a ref goes down this match is going to be bad. Shane McMahon wins for no real reason. Bad booking?


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Originally I was very upset when Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble. At the time John Cena was WWE Champion and it just seemed wrong to be forced to watch that match again. However, at Elimination Chamber Bray Wyatt shocked me by winning the WWE Championship. Now we have a great match up months in the making. I love it. This one is tough to call. My heart says Wyatt, but my head says Orton. Either way I expect a fantastic match.


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Sadly, this is our main event. Goldberg versus Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. Let’s be real. Goldberg hasn’t wrestled a match since 2003. Now wait. I hear you typing in the comments already that he wrestled Lesnar and Keven Owens. But did he really? Goldberg has been heavily protected and this is where everything gets exposed. Lesnar, who doesn’t really deserve the title either, is going to break Goldberg’s neck after a few German Suplex. Oddly enough, I expect Goldberg to win this match. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s WWE for you.

But those are my predictions for Wrestlemania 33. Got some of your own? Let us know in the comments. Want to hear me rant and rave about Wrestlemania all night? Check me out on Twitter. Want to see me talk about games again? Well I do it every single day on our Youtube channel. So be sure to check that out.

Until Wrestlemania let’s just stay optimistic. Afterwards we can drown our sorrows here.

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